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Eindhoven Eight

Researching and curating the state of architecture in Eindhoven city through an exhibition

The research-design-build project is an inquiry into Eindhoven’s contemporary architectural culture by the means of an exhibition. The project has been both an exploration of alternate modes of architectural scholarship and of the ways architectural ideas can be communicated to a broader audience.
Design as a curatorial tool

Three projects each from the eight offices are arranged in a matrix. The position of a particular project suggests a theme specific to the architectural aspect the project engages in and helps draw a comparison with the other projects in the same theme. The result is an ‘urban spatial environment’, of tables and portals depending on the displayed content that allows the viewers the freedom to construct their own experience and views.

The project proceeded through the following stages:

Research and Curation

It involved the archival analysis of the offices, project selection, and defining the exhibition content through large informal discussions.

Design and Construction

It involved the procurement of materials from sponsors, processing, and production of parts, and the final arrangement of the content.


It involved the students through discussions with the architects of the displayed firms and with the public through interviews and an Instagram competition on the city’s architecture.

The outcome was designed to be a traveling exhibition. The various components were designed to be modular for easy assembly and transport. The exhibition was iterated at the Dutch Design Week 2016, and in the Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam. s.

Project Details

Eindhoven Eight
Eindhoven + Rotterdam, The Netherlands
February 2016 – June 2016
Exhibition Design
Project Type
Masters Studio project
Eindhoven University of Technology, Curatorial Research Collective
Kapilan Chandranesan, Sergio M. Figueiredo, Matteo Basso, Hanna Jurkowska, Christian Lang, Gulce Onganer, Noah Shirley, Dario Sposini
Pollmeier, Mevo Houtindustrie, Universiteitsfonds Eindhoven
Dario Sposini